Terms and Conditions

Agreement enforce

Crystal Clean Canz extends into an agreement through the purchase and checkout/first payment of the chosen subscription model for the billing and recurring payment as defined in the selection of the product. Services will not be rendered until the payment has been processed.

Terms and Procedures

First Service – upon completion of checkout, Crystal Clean Canz will contact you directly to schedule your first cleaning (so much fun!)

All Cleanings will happen on the day AFTER your regular trash service.

Crystal Clean Canz will contact you no later than 8pm the day prior to communicate service

Termination of agreement: Your subscription is an on going subscription and will not terminate until written notice is given, it may be terminated at anytime, by any party, for any reason. No refunds will be given for prepayments if the customer, you, decline service or are not available for agreed upon service.


Crystal Clean Canz is not responsible for the following:

Customer Procedures

Trash Bins/Cans/Carts should:

Communications/Privacy Policy

Crystal Clean Canz may contact you through means of postal mail, electronic communications, and voice communications including, but not limited to, Mailed letters, phone calls, text messaging, emails.  Crystal Clean Canz will not sell your contact information to third party vendors without your prior consent.


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