By letting us maintain the cleanliness and sanitizing of your dumpsters you can make a great impression before your customers walk in the door! Crystal Clean Canz will not only keep your facilities garbage area free from odors, we also offer the option of pressure washing the area to keep it clean and sanitary.

Our dynamic cleaning system will also not leave any standing gray water in your dumpsters once we are done nor expose your employees to germs and bacteria. We will assist you in ensuring a healthy and safe work place environment.

You invest countless hours, resources, and attention to your business…do not let foul smelling and dirty dumpsters be what you are known for! Those you serve will judge your property based on its exterior appearance and cleanliness. Often, your dumpsters are in the sight of customers when they park. Crystal Clean Canz will be sure to keep your facilities dumpsters free from bacteria and offensive odors.

We service all the following businesses:

Crystal Clean Canz offers an affordable and eco-friendly service with varying payment packages. We are a family-owned and operated company, so you can feel even better about working with us! Please contact us at (724) 366-2998 for pricing and payment information.

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