Pressure Washing, Soft Washing, House Washing, Surface Washing

Pressure washing, or as many now know it, Soft-Washing is offered through our business. Since our equipment allows us the ability to use our heated pressure washer we can work on multiple styles of surfaces and types of products. Our goal is to get the green gone from your “Can”. With this we determine ho much pressure to use when cleaning.

Questions you should be prepared to answer:


2) Contact information including phone and email address

3) What type of surface are we cleaning – is there any damage to it, just algae removal or other stains?

4) Is there water access?

5) Any ornamental plants we need to be aware of?

6) If deck cleaning is involved, is there access to it?

With these questions, we can determine your exterior house wash needs of using the soft-washing method or pressure washing method. Materials we have worked with include Brick, Flagstone, Concrete, Metals, Vinyl, Stucco, EIFS and more. For Decks we have cleaned Composite and Wood decks, including wood deck restoration.

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